EMC2 Professional Services

Areas where you can collaborate with EMC2.

Manufacturing Consulting

EMC2 staff, via the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) provides a full range of no-cost consulting services for manufacturers classified as small businesses. Process flow, process improvement, supply chain, make versus buy, equipment evaluation and deployment, Lean Six Sigma, and more.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

EMC2 is partnered with GE Additive, offering metal additive manufacturing services. EMC2 features GE H2 Binderjet equipment and all required ancillary services, such as sintering. Please contact us if you are interested in printing.

Industry 4.0

EMC2 staff offers a full range of Industry 4.0 services. Assessments, gaps analysis, solution identification, solution engineering, installation, and post-installation support.


EMC2 staff has competencies in industrial controls, drive systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electrical systems. We can support design, build, installation, and troubleshooting.